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The Tennessee Real Estate Education Foundation deploys the first-ever data-driven Instructor Development Workshop to raise the bar in professionalism across the state.  Learn more to improve your real estate school across 10 different skill building categories.
What You Will Learn From Your Participation:
Secret #1: How To Get Courses Approved
Save countless hours in writing, building, and submitting your professional development courses for continuing education approval.
Secret #2: How To Engage Today's Learner
Improve participant satisfaction and engagement with today's training delivery tactics that involve the practical use of the latest technology.
Secret #3: How To Fill Seats in Classroom
Avoid low turnouts, course cancellations, and losing money by using the latest marketing techniques that work well with course sponsors.
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The Board of Trustees from the Tennessee Real Estate Education Foundation (also known as TREEF) has voted unanimously to proceed with retaining Doug Devitre to rethink how real estate education is being created, delivered, and marketed to real estate agents in the state.    

It has become increasingly difficult for real estate organizations to offer education as a value proposition since there are many more alternatives in the classroom and online, at a fraction of the cost. This is negatively affecting registrations, attendance, and revenue, and for some local real estate boards this is a primary secondary source of income outside of dues. Real estate organizations are forced to revisit how their courses are structured with performance driven learning objectives, how they are marketed using the latest tactics, and how instructors can engage participants with the latest technology.

Steve McDonald, Professional Development Director of the Tennessee REALTORS® and liaison to the Tennessee Real Estate Foundation, writes that “We had been searching years for a metrics-based, technology-driven, and comprehensive solution to improving the quality of education so that our members remain confident in our greatest value proposition. Once we spoke with Doug Devitre, we knew he could deliver everything we were looking for in a program and much more.”

“I’m incredibly excited about the future for Tennessee REALTORS® and their foundation. They are making a considerable investment in the future of their instructors, their members, and the consumers who benefit from the education they receive. There’s nothing else like it because most real estate education is based upon how many hours someone sits in a seat and doesn’t measure what participants actually implement from their participation. We are going to measure, engage, and see observable improvement across 10 different skill categories,” says Doug Devitre.

“This isn’t just another instructor development workshop,” claims Steve McDonald. “The instructor assessment, video conferencing coaching, and online modules all have data points we can measure to determine who is most committed to being stewards of our education in the state.” Devitre adds, “There’s a next generation of expert educators who are starving for skill sets that go beyond real estate, education, and technology. We are building leaders that are able to demonstrate their success by practicing what we preach.”

This program is anticipated to kickoff summer of 2018 and instructors or education providers who want to learn more can visit to receive updates as it continues to develop.
Benefits to the TREEF Foundation

  • TREEF is perceived as a leader amongst its peers in the real estate family in delivering education to its members with its innovation in content creation and delivery techniques.
  •  More knowledgeable agents decrease the number of complaints made by other REALTORS®, clients, and consumers.
  •  Significant reduction in association operational costs with the introduction of new classroom delivery technologies to serve members across the state.
  •  Happier education participants act as stewards to support TREEF education initiatives.
  •  Faster approval of continuing education courses that adhere to strict quality guidelines.
  •  Tennessee members are more engaged with the TREEF since it allows for multiple ways to participate without needing to travel.
  •  Participants are more engaged with the curriculum with the adoption of new technology inside and outside of the classroom.
  •  Members will be able to quantify their return on investment from their participation education so that they are more likely to engage in future offerings.
  •  Stronger relationships with local associations and partners who will receive direct and indirect benefits from their participation in TREEF.
  •  Easier options to train faculty without having them to travel.
  •  Honor the Tennessee REALTORS® state association strategic plan.
What other Tennessee Educators are saying...

Monica Neubauer, Tennessee Instructor

"Doug Devitre has a passion for teaching agents how to grow in knowledge. And he has helped me improve my teaching and speaking skills during the years I have known him. He is always presenting what is currently available and interesting, helping instructors bring the most relevant and up-to-date materials to the learners."

Susan Barnette, Director of Career Development, Crye-Leike Realtors

"It is hard to contain my excitement over the upcoming TREEF Instructor Training modules! This training has a definite advantage for me personally as an instructor. I look forward to the techniques and tools that will be available to me as a participant and graduate."

Steve McDonald, Director of Professional Development, Tennessee Realtors

“This isn’t just another instructor development workshop.  The instructor assessment, video conferencing coaching, and online modules all have data points we can measure to determine who is most committed to being stewards of our education in the state.”
What National Real Estate Educators Say...
What We Will Cover...
New and seasoned instructors will benefit from the depth of curriculum covered in this program.  If you are new, you will save a decade off your learning curve.  If you are already at the top of your game, you will find fresh ways to keep your courses relevant.  Below is a quick peek at each of the ten skill categories where you will see a noticeable difference from your participation.
Communicating Extraordinary Value
  • Value beyond CE: Position your value proposition so participants come for more than just continuing education credits.
  • Value calculation: Find alternative methods of calculating the return on investment has on customers as a result of your instruction.
  • Risk avoidance: Save participants the headaches from interrupted deal flow, unnecessary fines, professional standards hearings and more.
Rapid Real Estate Course Creation
  •  Instructor approval: What you need to do to get approved as an instructor to teach continuing education (in TN and other states).
  •  First-time course approval: Get your real estate courses approved for continuing education upon the first submission.
  •  Maintaining records:  Organize your files, rosters, and registrations correctly for proper compliance with the real estate commission.
Obtaining Approval for Continuing Education
  •  Differentiating from the masses:  Distinguish your content with your unique expertise in a way that no one else can offer the same.
  •  Learning vs. performance objectives: Write learning objectives so participants can implement and close measurable performance gaps.
  • Content sourcing: Integrate your own research, case studies, and practical examples to create teachable moments unique to you.
Developing Value-Added Learning Aids
  • Presentation slides: Produce stunning presentation slides that engage participants and clearly communicate ideas/concepts quickly.
  •  Content curation: Curate tangible takeaways from multiple third party resources to support learning performance.
  • Digital asset production: Produce digital handouts, how-to videos, podcasts, blogs, infographics and other online resources quickly.
Sophisticated Training Delivery Techniques
  • Handling difficult participants: Avoid interruptions, distractions, and difficult situations by being prepared with ways to handle them.
  •  Facilitation, role plays, hot seats: Break up the monotony with interactive exercises that focus on transferring key learning concepts.
  • Live polling: Explore alternative ways of seeking objective and subjective feedback other than asking participants to raise their hands.
Preeminent Live Classroom Experience
  • Thriving environments: Set up your live classroom for maximum interaction, participation and engagement.
  • Consistent Experiences: Operate from a checklist that avoids last minute emergencies and prepares you for success every time.  
  • Technology enablement: Assist your course host with all of the options you and your participants will need with technology.
Remote Training Delivery
  • Engage virtual participants: Create the same, if not better learning experience without being in the same room as the participant.
  • Video conferencing options: Embrace livestream video, webinars, and follow up with meetings to develop deeper connections.
  • Troubleshooting: Avoid embarrassing participants and yourself when attempting to connect with participants virtually.
Tech-Savvy Marketing
  • List building: Explore multiple ways to add new contacts to your real estate education pipeline to keep your classes full.
  • Registration conversion:  Increase enrollments by helping course providers with better copy, video, and value adds for participants. 
  •  Revenue generation: Add multiple revenue streams for course providers and your school by integrating front and back end funnels.
Tech-Enabled Differentiation
  • Maximum productivity: Significantly save the amount of time it takes to operate ALL aspects of your real estate education practice.
  • Digital differentiation: Integrate the latest training delivery tactics including digital whiteboards, video-conferencing, and Amazon Alexa.
  • Safety and security: Avoid getting hacked, losing confidential information, and control of your online reputation when things go awry.
Streamlined Business Operations
  • Forecasting: Predict registrations, attendance, and revenues with quick profit and loss estimates.
  • Flexibility: Become one of the easiest instructors to work with because of the systems, tools, and process you use to get hired.
  • Agreements: Set the proper expectations ahead of time with course sponsors, conference planners, and meeting hosts.
Investment Options
Register now to begin access to the six month long program.
Tennessee Instructor Tuition
Billed once, no set up fee.
  • Private Access to TREEF Instructor Online Learning Community
  • Exclusive Access to Learning Management System Customized for Instructors
  • Comprehensive Skill Building Assessment on 10 Different Categories and 100 Data Points
  • Two Day Live Intensive Instructor Development Workshop
  • Four Group Coaching Sessions by Zoom Videoconferencing
  • Instructor Benchmarking Report Card
out of state Instructor Tuition
Billed once, no set up fee.
  • Private Access to TREEF Instructor Online Learning Community
  • Exclusive Access to Learning Management System Customized for Instructors
  • Comprehensive Skill Building Assessment on 10 Different Categories and 100 Data Points
  • Two Day Live Intensive Instructor Development Workshop
  • Four Group Coaching Sessions by Zoom Videoconferencing
  • Instructor Benchmarking Report Card
Due to the high demand to raise the bar of professionalism by real estate instructors this program is sold out.  A date and location has not been set for the next one.  In order to receive updates regarding the next dates, times, and location, please enter your email and mobile number below.  We will update you as soon as a date has been selected so you don't miss out on this opportunity.
Frequently Asked Questions
When is this program and how long does it last?
We understand learning performance is a process, not an event.  This is why there are a series of activities and discussions that last six months starting from the time you register.  Those who enroll in the program will receive a series of announcements of what you need to do and when they will take place.  The live program is in Nashville, TN on September 27-28th, 2018.
I'm not from Tennessee.  Would it be beneficial to take this instructor program?
Absolutely.  There is no other type of real estate instructor training that offers so many different personal development and change management solutions at this level of investment.   Most instructor trainings have you sit in a 1-2 day program and tell you what you should do without ever measuring where the existing or unknown skill gaps exists.  We will be able to show measurable progress across 100 different data points.  Besides, if you want to teach for Tennessee Realtors, this is the one stop shop to ensure you have met the requirements and demonstrated the commitment to advancing your practice.
Why is the investment more for out of state participants?
The Tennessee Real Estate Education Foundation negotiated an incredible deal for their members to receive top-notch instructor development at a dramatically reduced price.  We will be raising the investment to participate in the future because of how much value is being offered and will have plenty of social proof to justify the results.
Who requires instructor training?
If you want to teach continuing education for real estate agents in the state of Tennessee you MUST take this instructor development hosted by the Tennessee Real Estate Education Foundation which are set forth in the requirements established by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission.
Is instructor training required to teach continuing education in Tennessee?
Yes. If you love statutes then check T.C.A. 62-13- 324  in the Tennessee Real Estate Commission code which requires by statute that instructors must take this program to be qualified to teach continuing education in Tennessee.
Where and when will the live classroom instructor training take place?
The Two Day Live Intensive Instructor training will take place at the Greater Nashville Realtors located at 4540 Trousdale Dr, Nashville, TN 37204.  The first session starts promptly at 9am on September 27th, ends at 4pm, then same schedule for September 28th 2018.
Does the Tennessee Real Estate Education Foundation instructor training satisfy the requirements set forth by NAR, REBAC, REBI, CRS or ARELLO?
No. these organizations have their own instructor training requirements to teach their coursework.  A significant number of instructors who teach these programs have benefitted from Doug Devitre's instructor development programs in the past.
What is the cancellation policy?
Once you secure your spot there is no cancellation since you will have immediate access to the assessment and online resource library.  If you are unable to attend the two day live workshop, your registration will automatically secure your spot in the next one when it is offered while still being able to access the resources provided.
I am having problems accessing the online resources and community.  What should I do?
Please send and email to doug at doug devitre dot com for all issues related to technical support.  Thank you.
Measuring Learning Performance
Our instructors will take the most comprehensive assessment offered to real estate educators that involves ten different skill categories and over 100 questions to determine existing performance gaps. Then after our program we will assess again to determine how much the instructor improved as a result.
2 Day Live Classroom
Two days and 100 topics later we will have covered every aspect of real estate education and instruction that you can think of today.  Our learning environment will be set up for maximum engagement, total participation, and massive implementation.  Even though much of the material will be hosted on the learning management system, you will receive first-hand instruction on how to teach real estate education with the latest technology.
Learning Management
Exclusive Access to Learning Management System Customized for TREEF Instructors that includes videos, checklists, templates, sample exercises, and more tools.
Video Coaching Calls
You will join four group coaching calls to remove barriers, solve problems, and find quick answers to questions that have been holding you back.  In these sessions we will take a deep dive to address your highest priorities and existing performance gaps as an instructor.
The TREEF Community
Participants get Private Access to the TREEF Instructor Online Learning Community.  This is where instructors go to to get answers fast, share ideas, and collaborate with one another in a trusting environment.

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